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Markham Bible Chapel is an autonomous Christian church located in Markham, Ontario, Canada. We seek to serve the Lord Jesus Christ by providing warm fellowship and insightful Bible teaching for everyone in your family. We would love for you to join us!

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Romans 2:1-3:20

Find the main idea of the passage and sum it up in one sentenceCreate an outline for the passage, with major and minor divisions Find the main idea for each section

Answer the following questions: How does this passage fit into the main theme of the book of Romans? What passages are quoted from the Old Testament and why? Are there other doctrines or teachings in the Bible I need to know to understand this passage better? What are they? What do I need to learn from this passage? How must I respond to what I learned?

Main Idea All have sinned and earned God's condemnation

Outline 2:1-16 - God's Righteous Judgement God will not condemn those who have PERFECTLY kept His law 2:17-29 - The Jews are as guilty as the Gentiles 3:1-8 - God's Judgement Defended 3:9-20 - All Have Sinned

Romans 2:1-3:20 Study Questions

Romans 2:1-3:20 1) Find the main idea of the passage and sum it up in one sentence. 2) Create an outline for the passage, with major and minor divisions. Find the main idea for each section.

Answer the following questions:

1) How does this passage fit into the main theme of the book of Romans? 2) What passages are quoted from the Old Testament and why? 3) Are there other doctrines or teachings in the Bible I need to know to understand this passage better? What are they? 4) What do I need to learn from this passage? 5) How must I respond to what I learned?

We will go over the answers on November 7, so you can finish this up at home.

Trampolining Details

Next week!! We are going to Airborne Trampoline!! Here's the plan: 7:45pm - Meet at Airborne Trampoline 1166 Gorham Street Newmarket ON It is off of Leslie St. between Mullock and Davis

We are jumping from 8pm to 9pm and then recovering and having food from 9 to 9:45pm

Pick up is at 9:45pm

Cost is $15 per person payable to Catherine the night of the event. Please wear gym clothes. Don't forget socks. You are not allowed to wear shoes while jumping.

PLEASE RSVP by emailing Catherine if you are or are not joining us.

Please let Catherine know if you have any questions or if you need any other information.

Parents, you are more than welcome to hang out with us as this is a shorter night.

Bill Nye Debates Ken Ham

Live Streaming FREEFeb. 4 at 7 PM ET

Is creation a viable model of origins in today’s modern, scientific era? Leading creation apologist and bestselling Christian author Ken Ham is joined at the Creation Museum by Emmy Award-winning science educator and CEO of the Planetary Society Bill Nye.

Ham, a former science instructor who emigrated to the USA from Australia over 25 years ago, is joined by the popular children’s program personality Bill Nye “the Science Guy” for this first and only scheduled debate. Each man delivers what he believes is the best information currently available for his case. Each then has an opportunity for rebuttal and afterward answers questions submitted by the audience.

December 20 - CANCELLATION

Due to the Freezing Rain Warning issued by Environment Canada, we are cancelling MBCYG tonight. If you have not already emailed Catherine to RSVP for Winter Weekend, please do so.

We wish all of you and your family a blessed and happy Christmas. See you in the new year.

Come to YG prepared to eat!

On Friday, November 29th don't eat supper at home -- come to Youth Group hungry!   We will be going to different homes of people from the church to enjoy different parts of a delicious meal. We're not gonna give anything away, but we've seen the menu, and trust us when we say, "YUM!"

We will end up back at the Chapel for dessert served by Network.

See the Events page for details.

Things you need to know about your parent(s) and yourself

Dealing with our parents doesn't always come easily. In fact it can be a real pain, but if we take a few minutes to think about our relationship with them, our perspective may change and our outlook as well. Here are some pointers that may help us to understand our relationship with them.

a) your parent is a person who has feelings; those feelings can be damaged by the actions/words of others

b) your parent is not perfect; you're going to have to come to that understanding and part of you maturing is to allow for that

c) if asked, your parent will most likely admit that they make mistakes too

d) you are not perfect; you need to know this; even though you are their kid, and it hurts them to admit it, you're a long way from having no faults but they're okay with that and forgive you in advance for your imperfections

e) your parent is an individual; comparisons to others is both illogical and unfair; they are not interested in competing with anyone

f) your parent continues to provide shelter and food and to care for your physical well-being to the best of their capabilities; understand/appreciate this

g) your parent is also there to support you emotionally but they cannot be expected to offer that function if you are bullying and emotionally abusing them; admit it, we're all guilty of that at some point

h) your parents do everything in their power (at considerable personal cost) to ensure that you're in good environments: school, youth group, church; at the end of the day, though, they can only attempt to create positive external influences for you

i) you need to understand that while "man looks at, and judges by, the outward appearance, God sees the heart (personality)" and that your wrong attitude grieves God; good external positive influences aside, you are ultimately responsible for the things that you let influence you on the inside and, try as they may, your parent cannot control that; this is all up to you

j) as a Christian parent, things that grieve God's heart also grieve them; you need to know that your perspective and attitude towards yourself hurts your Creator's heart because, in essence, you're saying that He did a bad job on you; it hurts them deeply to see you being influenced by others to concentrate on outward looks only

k) you alone are responsible to God for your treatment of your parent(s); God cares enough about the subject to have made it an OT law and reiterated His command in the NT; it's not a suggestion or an option: it's an edict, a command; your parent(s) require respect from you; honouring parents is the only command in Scripture that promises long life as a reward

l) when you wrong them, your parent(s) expect and deserve an apology; when you have been unfair to them, your behaviour cannot go unchecked and not be dealt with

m) their relationship with you matters to them; in fact being your parent is one of their highest priorities and God-given honours

Chris Schroeder's message resonates with truth for today's youth

This morning's message was an extremely passionate appeal to teenagers (and older folks as well) to become focused on their personal study and understanding of the Bible. Chris reminded us that this world's systems—particular emphasis given to education environments—are ungodly, and therefore share an agenda of being contrary and viciously contradictory to Christian (Biblical) beliefs and values.

Young people can equip ourselves to be able to refute the things the world tells us through gaining an understanding of scripture. It was stated over and over today that becoming equipped can start today at whatever age you are.

Chris' four main points were: We must have an understanding of the real world being separated from God; We must have a real walk with God; We must have wisdom from God; We need a real wealth (knowledge) from God.

We'd highly recommend getting a CD of today's messages. If you'd like a copy, just ask one of the YG leaders.

2013-14 YG year gets going!

We are looking forward to Youth Group this year -- September 20th is the big day! See you at 7PM. Ryan, Catherine and Steve would like to welcome the new grade 7 teens who will be joining us this year.

Bookmark this site (or follow the RSS feed) and stay up-to-date on our calendar and events.

We also have a Facebook page, but this site is your best source for the latest news and updates.

Superman's metaphors

Superman being walked to his trial brings to mind the image of another trial 2,000 year ago.  

If you're going to be seeing 'Man of Steel', the latest Superman movie, you probably won't have to try too hard to see similarities in the storyline to the Bible's account of Jesus' life.

Of course the Superman story is fictional and the Biblical account of Jesus is historical fact upon which the Christian faith is formed, but It's quite interesting that a secular movie borrow so blatantly from Jesus' story.

Many parts of the Superman storyline will sound familiar.

'Man of Steel' focuses on the origins of Superman, who was sent from the planet Krypton as an infant to save his species. Jesus was sent to earth by His Father to offer salvation to mankind,  His creation.

Superman is raised by surrogate parents who help him grapple with his special powers, even though they don’t fully understand the source of his extraordinary abilities. Jesus's arrival was foretold in scripture, Joseph and Mary were both told of Jesus' coming and Mary "pondered these things in her heart" and Jesus' arrival was announced by angels.

Luke chapter 2 tells us that at 12 years old, Jesus knew exactly what His mission was. "And He said to them, 'Why did you seek Me? Did you not know that I must be about My Father’s business?' But they did not understand the statement which He spoke to them."

When he turns 33, Superman must willingly sacrifice himself to save the human race.

Sound familiar? It should.

Jesus went to the cross at the same age. He demonstrated God's grace by offering Himself as the ultimate sacrifice for us.

If that’s not enough, as a boy Clark Kent is shown wrestling with his superpowers, and asks his earthly dad, Jonathan Kent, “Did God do this to me?”

“Somewhere out there you have another father and he sent you here for a reason,” says Jonathan Kent. Jesus and His Father, however, were in constant communication and on a number of occasion God revealed His satisfaction in His Son in audible messages to select audiences.

Even the visuals hammer home the messianic motifs.

During a fight with his archenemy, General Zod, Superman plunges down to Earth, his arms outstretched as if he were being crucified. In the movie, Superman rises again, borrowing from the account of Jesus' physical resurrection 3 days after His crucifiction.

If you're planning to be seeing this movie keep your eyes open for the metaphors.




Staying connected

by CP Hia (Our Daily Bread) Your Word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path. —Psalm 119:105

I woke up one morning and discovered that my Internet connection was not working. My service provider conducted some tests and concluded that my modem needed to be replaced, but the earliest they could do so was the next day. I panicked a little when I thought about being without the Internet connection for 24 hours! I thought, How am I going to survive without it?

Then I asked myself, Would I also panic if my connection with God was disrupted for a day? We keep our connection with God alive by spending time in His Word and in prayer. Then we are to be “doers of the Word” (James 1:22-24).

The writer of Psalm 119 recognized the importance of a connection to God. He asked God to teach him His statutes and give him understanding of His law (vv.33-34). Then he prayed that he would observe it with his whole heart (v.34), walk in the path of God’s commandments (v.35), and turn away his eyes from looking at worthless things (v.37). By meditating on God’s Word and then applying it, the psalmist stayed “connected” to God.

God has given us His Word as a lamp to our feet and a light to our path to lead us to Him.

To recharge your spiritual battery, plug into the Source

The Tragic Flaw

His fame spread far and wide, for he was marvelously helped till he became strong.—2 Chronicles 26:15

In literature, a tragic flaw is a character trait that causes the downfall of a story’s hero. That was true of Uzziah, who was crowned king of Judah at age 16. For many years, he sought the Lord; and while he did, God gave him great success (2 Chron. 26:4-5). But things changed when “his fame spread far and wide, for he was marvelously helped till he became strong. But when he was strong his heart was lifted up, to his destruction” (vv.15-16).

Uzziah entered the temple of the Lord to burn incense on the altar (v.16), openly defying God’s decree. Perhaps pride convinced him that God’s rules applied to everyone except him. When Uzziah raged against the priests who told him this was not right, the Lord struck him with leprosy (vv.18-20).

In literature and in life, how often we see a person of good reputation fall from honor into disgrace and suffering. “King Uzziah was a leper until the day of his death. He dwelt in an isolated house, . . . cut off from the house of the Lord” (v.21).

The only way we can prevent the nectar of praise from becoming the poison of pride is by following the Lord with a humble heart.

Humility’s a slippery prize That seldom can be won; We’re only humble in God’s eyes When serving like His Son. —Gustafson

The crucible for silver and the furnace for gold, but man is tested by the praise he receives. —Proverbs 27:21 NIV

by David C. McCasland


Yessir, you know who this is This is iLove Yeah you know woman iLove

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But iLove But still I, still I, iLove, I love her I love her so much, I don't need nobody else Try to put her down but can't help myself iLove Come on, you know woman, iLove, I love her I love her so much, I don't need nobody else Try to put her down but can't help myself

She's really affectin' how my life goes She controls me, I might go, psycho I can't think now, mental light bowl Wady thoughts are pushed out by her light shows Communities gotta take a back seat I tried to talk to others but I'm feelin' mad weak 'Cause I was something I could laugh at, something I could look up She keeps me entertained until I barely ever look up And when I tried to get up in the text She's tappin' on my shoulder, like "Read another text" Look, I thought she really be the best I told her she a heavy ball and chain 'round my neck She got mad like, "You got a better date? " I had to man up, time to regulate Look, I told her if she ain't gon' let me meditate Then for my sake, we gotta separate Don't wanna hurt her, I don't wanna abuse her But she's only there for me to use her

iLove You know who this is, iLove, I love her I love her so much, I don't need nobody else Try to put her down but can't help myself iLove You know who this is, iLove I love her so much, I don't need nobody else But I gotta put her down just to help myself

*** iLove, TripLee

Wollemi Pine -- a living fossil When scientists announced the discovery of the Wollemi Pine in Australia, in 1994, it caused a sensation. Some reported that it was like finding a living dinosaur, because the tree was only known from fossils in 'Jurassic' rocks. That would make it extinct for 150 million years, by evolutionary reckoning.

Finds like this are actually quite common. When something that scientists thought became extinct millions of years ago is found alive, it's called a 'living fossil'. But 'living fossils' pose a problem for evolution—since the organism hasn't changed, it brings into question the supposed millions of years age as well as the very idea of evolution. When a tree was planted in London, recently, Sir David Attenborough said: 'It is romantic, I think, that something has survived 200 million years unchanged'.

Perhaps he considers it romantic, but this observation makes the millions of years of evolution very hard to believe.

Understand how worldview affects the way information is presented to you

What happened to the dinosaurs?  Where did Cain get his wife?

Dr. Jonathan Sarfati of Creation Ministries International will be here on Friday April 5, 2013.

Find the answers to these and many of the most-asked questions about Genesis.  Scientific evidence for creation will be explained at a layman's level.

For more information visit their huge website at

Saturday Afternoon Session: Joel Stapley

1 Timothy 4:12 — Let no one despise your youth, but be an example to the believers in word, in conduct, in love, in spirit, in faith, in purity. Who should be the example in the church? • teens can set the pace and be an example to others • marathon runners follow a pace-setter • young people should be the pace-setters in their church • it's not the older folks that should be left to be the example

Speech: • who Jesus is (Word) is what we need to be talking (word/speech) • what do we communicate and why do we communicate it? • the words we use need to be purposeful for Christ • Matt. - we are accountable for our speech/words

Conduct (conversation): • you can talk the talk, but can you walk the walk? • Colossians 3:7 - in all you do • I will be faithful; I will be thankful; I will honour • the journey, and how we live it, is important

Love: • we think love more than we 'do' love • 'doing' love often requires personal sacrifice • Mark 12:29-31 • people should know about our love for God because of our love shown for others • do we spend time showing love? • we can be an example in our love • do we love others as we love ourselves

Energy (emotion): • are we engaged in the difficult times of others to be an encouragement • we need to invest ourselves emotionally in the lives of others • this too may require personal sacrifice, be prepared

Faith: • your relationship with God • your standing in Christ • stand firm in the face of approaching/raging adversity

Purity: • moral purity • Philippians 4:8 - whatsoever things are....think on those things • purity of life

Teens should be the example to others, independent of what others are doing and what kind of example they are being.

Would your church fall apart if they were to start following your example?

Do we set the example among our friends by drawing lines about right/wrongs?

Why won't they listen?

Have you wondered why your witnessing falls flat and people fail to respond? Many comment that science has disproved the Bible and therefore it is not relevant to today's modern world.

But what's the answer? Can the majority of scientists really be wrong?

Discover the answers with Dr. Jonathan Sarfati, PhD Chemical Biology, Creationist expert from Creation Ministries International when he brings his powerful message to the Markham Bible Chapel at 7:30pm on Friday April 5, 2013.

Bible Teaching for the Whole Family