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Scottlea - Session Two

A man after God's own heart: In hostile situations• David finishes (52) • David rallies (52) • David blesses (53) • David's recognition (55-57) • David's humility (58)

A person operating properly is conscious of the "fear of The Lord

Conclusion 4 - Recognizes the futility of operating in the flesh Conclusion 5 - Confidence in God Conclusion 6 - Runs to the danger Conclusion 7 - Encourages others

David becomes a fugitive (on the run from Saul)

David: In hunted scenarios (encounter at En Gedi)

- Saul seeks to kill David - on opposite sides of the mountain - capture was imminent - Saul enters the cave, David has a perfect opportunity to kill him right there - but David does not, calling Saul "God's anointed" (v6) - David is immediately convicted because loyalty to his God was more important to him that operating in the flesh (v5) - David restrains his men - in the Christian life you can be a 'fire starter' or a 'fire quencher' (to gossip or not to gossip) (v7)

Conclusion: spontaneously obedient to God Conclusion: wait on the Lord

- David's request to Nabal (v2) - David rightly reminds (v6-8)

- Abigail keeps David from a natural fleshly reaction to totally annihilate Nabal's entire house - David reacts be listening to the advice - God avenges David with Nabal's heart attack shortly thereafter - illustration used: Paul's reaction (after being slapped) by the High Priest's servant after he found out who the man was - the anger of man never works the righteousness of God

David's meekness was not weakness; he was a man under God's control and authority

Bible Teaching for the Whole Family