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Scottlea - Session Three (Saturday evening)

Recap from last time: meekness is strength under control Conclusion: the man of God waits for the Lord to take up his cause Conclusion: the Lord will work to keep the man after his own heart from sin


2 Samuel 11-12 • Setting: politically - year before (10:14) - springtime (11:1a) - the king (11:1) - early success (11:1c) • just because you're successful once, doesn't guarantee success the next time • it is inappropriate to be spiritually lazy • knowledge is not the same as doing (action) • a lack of engagement leads to serious problems

Setting: personally - insomnia (v2) - typical when too much time is at hand - imperfect occasion - - inquiry (3) • it is unacceptable to flirt with sin, like David did • he desires, he sleeps with another man's wife, a baby happens as a result • this starts an avalanche of lies

Cover-up plan #1 - report: fake interest in the welfare of the battle and the troops - David fails to be convicted by Uriah's gentle rebuke

Cover-up plan #2 - asks Uriah to stay - tries to get him drunk - Uriah doesn't go home

• David plays Uriah like a pawn in his devious scheme to get him killed on the front line of the battle • David is now caught in his sinful spiral of deceit and hypocrisy • we all have issue of trying to cover since

• enter Nathan to bring David's sin to light • suddenly David has a sense of right and wrong • sin causes us not to be able to focus and to create more and more cover-ups to disguise sin

• David admits,"I have sinned." - the hardest words in one's life to speak - Saul never said anything like this...but David does - the man (person) after God's own heart confesses his (their) failures and faults

• God still desires the posture of brokenness (admission, confession, repentance)

Bible Teaching for the Whole Family