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God is...our friend

Last session: Ron Hughes There is a concern sometimes that we treat God as a buddy. There should be respect when we think or talk about Him, but we can be assured that He is our friend.

There are different kinds of friendships based on mutual affection, trust, etc.

At a certain point we can become friends with people who on on a higher social plain than we are (ie. parent, teacher, leader, etc.)

Our friendship with God is a relationship that we need to consider. It is important that the friendship with God be mutual. The Lord spoke with Moses as a 'man speaks with his friend', and yet Moses was always referred to as God's servant.

Think of the relationship between Abraham and God. It's not a peer-to-peer friendship but is based on a mutuality of working toward a common goal (being on the same team). Examples: coach's relationship to the players; conductor to musicians in an orchestra.

Love is simply not enough without the response of the one (person). God can love us, but unless we respond to His love we cannot benefit from his friendship.

It is possible for God to love us and not love (even hate) what we do. Yes, even Christians can be involved in things in parts of their lives that they refuse to submit to God. Obedience to God makes the friendship better.

God loved us when we were (naturally speaking) 'enemies'. His offer of friendship is conditional on our positive response.

Bible Teaching for the Whole Family