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The longest journey

Speaker: Joe Reese
Venue: MBC Family Bible Hour 

"For the Son of Man came to seek and to save the lost.” - Luke 19:10 (ESV)

Who is this Son of Man?

• came to minister
• will be betrayed
• will die
• will rise again
• Son of Man: form of a servant in the likeness of man
• Jesus became like us, sin apart

How far did he come?
• He crossed the universe, across time

• left His Father's home

To whom has He come?
• to seek lost people

• because of sin, humans had lost their attachment to their Creator
• we are accustomed to the thought of 'lost'
• being lost should cause alarm and dispairhow much more to be 'spiritually lost'?
• four stories of lost in chapter 15: 1/100 sheep, 1/10 coins, 1/2 boys, 1/1 son
• Jesus came to seek sinners -- God cannot tolerate sin in His presence
• finding that which is lost causes rejoicing (refer to chapter 15)
• didn't come to seek the self-righteous
• if you don't see yourself as lost you don't feel the need to be found

What reason has He come?
• Jesus came to seek and to save

• "saved" is used over 100 times in the NT in reference to being rescued from the penalty of sin
• to get onto the narrow road, a person first must admit that they are lost
• illustration: Amber Alert
• He seeks in every place
• GPS: God's Plan of Salvation

• Jesus died and paid for our sin

• a seeking sinner and a seeking Saviour will always meet

You'd allow yourself to be saved from a burning building, a raging sea or if you were lost in the wilderness, but...

If the seeking Son of Man came to save you, would you let Him?



Bible Teaching for the Whole Family