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Bible Teaching for the Whole Family

Markham Bible Chapel is an autonomous Christian church located in Markham, Ontario, Canada. We seek to serve the Lord Jesus Christ by providing warm fellowship and insightful Bible teaching for everyone in your family. We would love for you to join us!

Got to get the CD Set

Jon is mentioning the similarities between idolatry and adultery. One is putting something before God, the other putting someone before your relationship (spouse). A replacement for where our affection should be focused.

This session is being broken into two different conversations, one aimed at the guys, the other to the girls on the audience.

The speaker is now mentioning lust of the eyes -- interesting perspectives, bringing the young women in the audience into the loop of how guys think. "Guys by their Eyes".

"Girls by the Heart". Talking about girls and young women having a need to feel accepted and loved and how that can often be misguided. Great reminder of "accepted in Christ"!!

These topics are so relevant to Christian youth everywhere.

Really wish this stuff was talked about when I was in Youth Group.

Bible Teaching for the Whole Family