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Going to miss grade 12s who are moving on

While playing RISK® the other night I started thinking about the grade 12s who are moving on to The Network. I was actually quite sad.

Joe has really become a great guy. There are lots of memories that come to mind when I think about him at Youth Group. I will always remember him for being a very rules-oriented kind of guy. At gym nights (or during any activity) he always wanted to know the details of every rule. We quickly learned, though, that this was so that he'd be able to find loop holes, or shall we call them 'work arounds', so that he could dominate the game/activity! Joe is slightly competitive! Then there was his ability to run like a gazelle/wind mill - not sure which describes his style best. But what really stands out is his absolute domination of RISK® at Winter Weekend(s).

We're going to miss Joe.

Ryan also has really become a cool guy. When he first came to Youth Group he really fell in love with policing the iBoxes. He'd be quick to let us know about any infractions, unless his brother was carrying his iPhone. And then there was the Calendar. Forget a date or misspell a word and he'd never let it go! He got better about that though. His brother never returned from Winter Weekend with a cold. He couldn't. Not with Ryan's constant reminders to, "get your touque Kyle...where's your sweater Kyle?"

We're going to feel Ryan's absense.

The Network is gaining two really good guys. Our loss is Network's gain.

We hope that these two guys go on to become men of integrity for God and that Youth Group has played a role in that.


Bible Teaching for the Whole Family